1) Weight - when determining the weight of your shipment you must add the weight of the product along with the weight of the box, pallet, crate, etc. Many trucking companies will re-weigh shipments and charge a re-weigh fee as well as any other additional charges due to the difference in shipping price at the new weight. If you are unsure as to the weight of your shipment, please guess on the high side to avoid any additional trucking charges.

2) Dealing with Warehouses - If your freight is being picked up at a warehouse you must be sure all charges due to the warehouse are paid. Most warehouses charge the following fees: Terminal Handling Charges, Forklift Fees, Storage Fees (free storage days are limited). If your freight does not come into the warehouse on pallets and the warehouse puts your freight on pallets they will charge you for them. Warehouses will not release freight until all charges are paid. If the charges are not paid and a truck is sent in to pick up you will be charged a dry-run fee. Express Logistics Group, Inc. is not responsible for your warehouse charges.

3) Packaging - Always secure your freight as well as possible. Damage to freight can occur while trucks are in transit; Freight sometimes will shift while inside the truck. If your freight is on pallets be sure to secure the freight to the pallet using either plastic banding or shrinkwrap. The claim process with a carrier can prove to be difficult without proper packaging of your freight. Express Logistics Group, Inc. is not responsible for damage to your freight due to poor packaging. The respnsibility for claim prevention must be considered a cooperative effort. The shipper has the responsibility to properly prepare the goods for transport and to make sure the product is in good condition and quality before entrusing it to the carrier. The carrier has the responsibility to transport the product to the proper consiggnedd in the same condition as he/she received it from the shipper.

4) Lead Time - Express Logistics Group, Inc. requires a 48 hour pre-alert or lead time for all shipments. In other words we require a minimun 48 hour pick up time for all shipments. If your shipment will incur additional charges if not picked up within 48 hours of the time you book with us we will not be held responsible for these additional charges. This can also affect transit times.

5) Trucks that are not used - If you book a shipment with Express Logistics Group, Inc. and you do not use our services a truck not used fee may be charged. Likewise, if you book a shipment with Express Logistics Group, Inc. and an attempt is made to pick up your freight but the freight is not available to the truck driver a dry-run fee will apply. There is a minimum $20.00 (USD) fee for a dry run. Fees can become quite expensive and each fee is based on the details of each shipment.

6) Estimated Times of Arrival (Transit Times) - Express Logistics Group, Inc. is not financially responsible for the consequences of failure to deliver a shipment by a stipulated time. Transit times are estimated unless guaranteed service or expedited services are specifically listed as chargeable assessorial services. Guaranteed service and expedited transit times do not include holiday and or no service days as defined by the individual carrier. Pick up days are not included in the qualification and calculation of transit times. Delays caused by an act of God, war, weather or delays due to State and Federal intervention negate the guaranteed transit time service.

7) Accepting delivery of your freight - Please be sure to provide a window of time so the driver will know when you can accept the freight. If you do not provide this information we will assume 6am-6pm M-F is acceptable. If the delivery location can't accept the freight a re-delivery fee will be charged. These fees can be quite expensive. Further, please note, the consignee has the responsibility to inspect the product upon delivery and to write accurate and proper notes as to the condition of the product when they receive it.

8) Damage to freight - Upon delivery the truck driver will ask you to sign for the freight. Before signing for your freight do a thorough inspection. If there is apparent damage to your freight write this on the paperwork you are signing (Example - 5 cartons crushed - J. Holmes 10/15/06). It may also be worthwhile to take photos of the damage for proof in the event a claim is filed with the carrier. The customer is permitted five (5) business days from the date of the invoice to file a claim request in writing with Express Logistics Group, Inc. If Express Logistics Group, Inc. does not receive a claim request or receives the request after the allowable five (5) business days, the service provided by the carrier will be deemed to have met all service standards and the claim request will automatically be considered invalid and denied. All shipments are covered under the carrier's limited liability coverage as noted based on either Full Truck Load or Less Than Full Truckload services. Customers may secure additional liability coverage via any third party company of their choice. Truckload freight carriers are required by law to carry a minimum of $100,000.00 of cargo insurance. This coverage protects the customer from theft, loss, or damage. It does not cover loss cause during normal transit due to less than sufficient packaging. The standard liability cargo insurance coverage offered by all Less Than Truck Load carriers booked through Express Logistics Group, Inc. is $0.10 cents per pound. Express Logistics Group, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any shipment at any time.

9) Copies of proof of deliveries - are available at a cost of $10.00 (USD) each. If the P.O.D. is concerning a damaged shipment for claim purposes, it will be provided at no additional charge.

10) No service shall be rendered by Express Logistics Group, Inc. in the transportation of any shipment which is prohibited by law or regulations of any federal, state, provincial, or local government in the origin or destination countries.


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