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Freight class refers to the category of your freight as defined by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA). There are 18 freight classes ranging from class 50 to class 500. Products are classed according to four characteristics: Density, Stowability, Handling, and Liability. Domestic less than truckload carriers (LTL) use this classing system to determine their trucking charges. If the incorrect freight class is selected the carrier will re-class your shipment which could result in higher shipping charges that will be passed on to you. To determine freight class you can call the NMFTA directly at (703)838-1810 or you can call Express Logistics Group, Inc. at (630)787-0900 for assistance. We can also be reached by email at Please have your full commodity description, number of pieces, dimensions of pieces, and total weight in pounds. For some shipments you can use the calculator below to determine your freight class based on density (pounds per cubic foot). Please be aware, however, there are other factors in addition to density which determine freight class and therefore this freight calculator may not be accurate for every shipment.


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