Express Logistics Group, Inc. provides domestic transportation and logistics services and solutions to importers, exporters, manufacturers, freight forwarders, distributors, and individuals. We have secured deep discounted rates with some of the largest and smallest trucking companies in the United States and will pass savings on to our customers. We are committed to
help you save money on your transportation needs.

  • Domestic Trucking
  • FTL (Full Truck Load)
  • LTL (Less than Full Truck Load)
  • Expedited Freight Trucking / Hotshots
  • Ocean Container Drayage
  • Airfreight - Airport Pick up and Delivery
  • Local Pick Up and Delivery




Express Logistics Group, Inc. is a licensed and bonded truck brokerage company specializing in domestic trucking within the United States. We have access to many different types of trucks including but not limited to: Vans, Flat Beds, Step Decks, Straight Trucks, and other specialty equipment. You can spend hours trying to find the best carrier and rates for your freight or you can make one phone call to 630-787-0900 or view our rates page for online quotes. Express Logistics Group, Inc. has done all the research for you and we will go the extra mile to negotiate the best trucking rates on your behalf. How do you know we are better than our competition? We pride ourselves on first class customer service, quality and dependability. We look forward to serving you.  

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